Testimonials - What Our Customers Are Saying



"About a year ago I was suffering from some kind of face rash. Maybe it was a reaction from the product I was using at the time or could have been rosacea. I ended up going to a Dermetologist and they were no help.

One day while in town I visited your store, the women at the counter suggested I try your Rosacea product line. I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this product! I love the way it feels on my skin and I don’t have a rash anymore. Ive alway suffered from acne as well and since using your product I haven’t had breakouts.

This winter I tried your night repair cream and loved that as well! Being outside a lot the harsh winter made my skin dry, using this was like waking up with a new face! I also love the charcoal liquid face wash, I use it with my clarisonic.

Thank you for producing natural wondering products! Below I have attached before and after pictures. Both are taken without makeup on."

-Becky Huncilman


"I bought the all natural (no deet) black fly/insect spray and it worked great and smelled nice. I went back to the store and found many other all natural items that I couldn't resist! They have a website you can order from and they take orders over the phone too. What a great store!"

-Debbie FitzPatrick


"Amazing products, home made all natural, and great prices. I've tried their serums, creams, oils, shave balms and sprays. I love everything they make."

-April Rose Mua