Rural Remedy Therapies

Five specialty lines from Mother Nature's Medicine Chest:

  • RAINDROPS MUSCLE THERAPY- natural relief from aches & pains for sore muscles or to relieve arthritic cramping and pre-sports or dance to maintain suppleness.
  • BREATHE EASY THERAPY - therapeutic, but sweet smelling products with an invigorating blend of Mints, Menthol & Eucalyptus Essential Oils, which can help to open bronchial & nasal passages.
  • PEPPERMINT TEA TREE LEG & FOOT THERAPY - soothing, invigorating and healing products for all those discomforts you may encounter.
  • ROSEMARY LAVENDER STRESS THERAPY is a collection of products with a calming blend of essential oils to relax both the body and mind.
  • “CEASE & DESIST” - An ancient blend of essential oils including Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon & Rosemary. With Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial properties.  (NO sea salt body polish or bar soap available)
  • CBD - A collection of products utilizing the benefits of Pure CBD Oil and Isolate, combined with the essential oils used in our Muscle Therapy collection. Cannabis topicals include balms, sprays, and oils that are infused with active cannabinoids and are applied to and absorbed directly through your skin. The products are formulated using full-spectrum hemp oil. Unlike isolated or synthetic cannabinoids, full-spectrum hemp oil refers to pure hemp oil that features all the same cannabinoids present in the original hemp plant, providing an all-natural CBD hemp oil supplement that allows the cannabinoids to work together in what is called the entourage effect.