Hand Crafted Mineral Foundations

Color Hand Crafted Mineral MakeupOur Foundations provide natural & even looking skin without the feel of heavy make-up.  The silky Foundation powders help to diminish fine lines & wrinkles, spherical mineral components give nice velvety feel and the zinc oxide helps protects from UV radiation.  We offer variations of three skin tone groups: Cool, Mid-tone and Warm.

In general, people living close to the equator are highly darkly pigmented, and those living near the poles are generally very lightly pigmented. The rest of humanity shows a high degree of skin color variation between these two extremes, generally correlating with UV exposure. The main exception to this rule is in the New World, where people have only lived for about 10,000 to 15,000 years and show a less pronounced degree of skin pigmentation. So, if your genetic makeup is from the Polar regions - choose our COOL TONES. If, from the Equatorial Regions - choose the WARM TONES. Everyone else dabble in the MID-TONES!