Hand Crafted Mineral Makeup

Color Hand Crafted Mineral Makeup

COLOR, was inspired by our love of creating natural and organic products here at Fields of Ambrosia. Our niece and partner, Emily Kump, is the innovator and colorist behind our line of products. A true fan of makeup throughout high school and into her 20’s, she soon realized that many of her favorite products had ingredients that were less than desirable.

Wanting simple, natural makeup that she and many friends were looking for, we began to brainstorm and COLOR was born. Emily set out on her own path to create something of substance and trustworthiness that women of all ages could enjoy: natural, high-quality pure minerals, micas and inorganic colorants from nature. Free of irritants, preservatives and toxins. All of our ingredients are approved for use in cosmetics in the U.S., E.U. and Japan.

Deborah Jasien, Owner/Maker Fields of Ambrosia