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Dear Valued Fields Of Ambrosia Customers,

We will be closing our Brick and Mortar storefront in North Conway at the end of November. Due to the rising cost to own a business in our town and other circumstances, I will be selling everything in the store and closing it down.

However, for all my customers, I will continue sales on our website with a reduced inventory of products.
Please assist me in this difficult task by filling out the survey BELOW and let me know your favorite products and scents from the past 23 years.

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Sincerely, Deborah Jasien
Owner/Maker Fields of Ambrosia

Fields Of Ambrosia Survey


1. Please list your 5 favorite products (i.e. lotion, cream, body wash, etc.):

2. Please list your 3 favorite scents (i.e. Lilac, Lavender, White Birch, etc.):

3. Please check your favorite(s) Facial Care Line if applicable:


4. Tell us why you chose our products over other brands:


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