Bath Fizzies

Bath Fizzies


3-pak available in single scent and also available in these combinations – Blueberry, Strawberry & Orange or Grape, CocoBanana & Apple

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2oz Bath Fizzies – $3.50 each    3-pack – $10   Plastic wrap  (3-pack also available in Blueberry, Strawberry & Orange or Grape, CocoBanana & Apple)

Sodium Bicarbonate(Baking Soda), Citric Acid (for effervescence), Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils, Fruit Extracts and 100% water-soluble cosmetic colorants approved for use in the USA, UK and Japan.
  • Grape Soda - Rich grape blended with sparkling club soda and sweetened with a hint of sugar.
  • CocoBanana - A creamy, tropical blend of mashed banana, coconut milk, and a hint sweet star anise.
  • Amazing Apple - Green notes subtly soften the pervading sweetness of crisp ripe green apples.
  • Blueberry - Just picked sweet, juicy blueberry.
  • Strawberry - The essence of perfectly ripe strawberries just picked off the vine.
  • Orange Vanilla - Juicy orange blended with vanilla bean and sugar.


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