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EcoSoy Wax with wood wicks candles that create a beautiful flame with a slight crackle while it burns. Candle is soot and toxin free. Made with all-natural soy wax and essential oil-infused, phthalate-free fragrances.

  • White Birch – A warm blend with Fresh White Birch, sweet Madagascar Vanilla, a hint of Birch Tar and Sandalwood creates a welcome feeling of warmth and joy.
  • Mountain Lilac - Fresh Lilac, earthy Cedarwood and grounding Clary Sage create this glorious floral celebration of spring in NH
  • Blackberry Sage - Herbaceous notes of Sage, Rosemary and Mint entwined with sweet Blackberries warmed in the summer sun.
  • Perfect Pumpkin - The perfect touch of Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger and Maple create this fabulous fragrance of autumn in New England


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