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Welcome to the Fields of Ambrosia

Home of cleansing, nourishing and therapeutic bath and body care for all ages using home grown herbs and flowers, pure essential oils and 100% Plant & Vegetable Oils!

Our products are handmade in small batches, not mass-produced. When you order it – we make it for YOU.

In keeping with the new national Mantra, “WASH YOUR HANDS” – we are dropping the price of bar soaps from $7.50 to $5 – through Memorial Day. Our bar soaps have a 25% shea butter content, which is nourishing, not drying.

Our hand cleanser is infused with essential oils, aloe and vitamin E, and is consistent with CDC guidelines – 70% ethanol, which is more effective on a broader range than isopropyl alcohol. Due to demand, Limited availability may apply.

The Retail Store Is Now Open
We are happy to announce that our Brick and Mortar store
is now re-opened.

We are promoting social distancing awareness and all
of our team members are wearing masks and gloves.
Please note: if you do come in, masks and gloves
are required – and we provide them for free! 😷

Local Pickup Option

If you are local or just visiting and want to avoid shipping costs we have a Local Pickup Option when checking out.

TOP COllection

Roseline Mature Skin Care

Our facial care line created with Bulgarian Rose Oil and made with primarily organic ingredients that help to bring out the natural beauty of the skin.

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What Clients Say

Amazing products, home made all natural, and great prices. I've tried their serums, creams, oils, shave balms and sprays. I love everything they make

April Rose Mua

I bought the all natural (no deet) black fly/insect spray and it worked great and smelled nice. I went back to the store and found many other all natural items that I couldn't resist! They have a website you can order from and they take orders over the phone too. What a great store!"

Debbie FitzPatrick

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