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Welcoming Fall

Ready Skin For the Winter Fall time is a common time for the skin to get dry. During the fall, your skin can take a pretty big hit. From the cold weather drying out your face to the constant itching that plagues you, finding a good moisturizer can be taxing!…

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Facial Care Road Map

Here is a suggested road map, and products, for keeping your skin healthy and fight “Mask-ne” through the challenges: 1. Lighten up your skin-care routine. In the summer, I generally recommend that a skin-care routine may need to be a little more lightweight. The heat and humidity of summer means you can…

An Affair to Remember – with Grapefruit?

I have been in love with all things grapefruit since my childhood, so we are talking some 58 years plus here. Grapefruit in the morning for breakfast was my absolute favorite. Keep your Cocoa Puffs, Rice Krispies and Cap’n Crunch, your bacon and sausages and waffles and pancakes and give…


Roses ~George Eliot You love the roses – so do I. I wish The sky would rain down roses, as they rain From off the shaken bush. Why will it not? Then all the valley would be pink and white And soft to tread on. They would fall as light…

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